ISP billing software

ISP billing software


The word ISP is now a well-known sound to all. Its meaning is an internet service provider. If you provide this service, we are beside you with an ISP billing software. You have to maintain an organization with more or fewer employees. In order to provide satisfactory service, you have to manage various parts of your company – HR, user type, collection request, corporate or reseller module, invoice module, finance module, complaint module, store management, employee management, watching report, and so on. Our software will widely help you to manage the mentioned matters simply and smoothly.

In the starting part, you can see a dashboard. You can easily sense about total corporate, collection request, income and loss, active and inactive users watching this board. You can add user type in HR admin engaging company name and branch. Here you will get an excellent opportunity to manage the access. You can give access to your employees according to duty or designation. That means any employee cannot enter any part. He will just prevail the part where he is permitted to access. Actually, our software is generated adding various parts to cover all of your business sides.

There is a collection request module where the requests from the clients are seen. It is your normal target to get more and more customers. You can see how many new clients you are getting per week or month. This module has a form that wants information to fill up – customers’ address, contact number, email address etc. you can contact with them any time taking contact number or sending a message via mail from this form. So, you have to often look over this module to get an exact idea about the condition of your service and the popularity of your company in the marketplace. It will greatly help you to realize your next steps.

You can offer bundle services time to time on different occasions by corporate or reseller module. There is also a form to take the clients information. You can advertise here about any package offer if you want. There is also a create and manage option here to manage your clients properly.

We have created a complain option in our software. In spite of giving good service with responsibility and advanced system, there may have some complaints from your clients. Because, demand varies from customers to customers. So, you have to know clearly what your customers want from you. If there is any lack in your service or if the clients want any change in your service, you can know it from the complain option. At this, you can solve previous problems and provide expected services according to the expectation of your clients.

Invoice is an important matter that must be maintained to keep a proper estimation of expense, income or loss. The development of a business depends on it vastly. For the proper calculation of the selling products, we have created an invoice module. While creating it, you will find a form in which the customer will give some information – invoice number, address, name, previous dues etc. At this, it will be very helpful for both of you to do an easy transaction. You can show it to your customers and also print a copy. You can save this paper safely and permanently. You can also delete any unwanted invoices.

There is an option to manage your store called store management. There will have many essential items in your stock – cables, cutter, modular, connector, pipe, and so on. You will get a correct calculation of your products from the store management module of our software. It will also give you an accurate idea about the condition of your business. So, you have to look over it at least once a day. For a comfortable transaction with the bank, you will find here a finance module which will help you a lot.

It is natural that you will think about the expansion of your business. Keeping this purpose in your mind, you can sometimes inform your clients about your update offer. You can also send the message to the new persons and visitors to inform them about your any new offer, bundle offer. You can do it through our employee management module. Moreover, you can employ experienced and skilled employees when you need. You can manage your workers and clients systematically by the employee management section.

Examining report is a must for the development of your company. In our software, you will entry daily, weekly and monthly cost and profit. You have to enter purchase cost, salary payment and the cost of light food. At this, all the cost will be clear to you when you will see the reports. You can see complain or demand, the request of new clients, the condition of the stock. Exploring all the reports in our software, you can visit your organization physically. At this, you can easily realize the present condition of your company and take a proper next step according to the future market condition.

I expect that the above advantages of our ISP billing software will be so useful for you in the case of providing an internet service. Using it, you can run your business freely and increase the periphery across the country. So, you are welcome in our platform at least as a visitor just to know the benefit of using our software. Then it will be your judgment whether you will accept the service or not.