Facilities of the Payroll Management Software

Facilities of the Payroll Management Software


Software Solution Company is a renowned software company in Bangladesh. It creates different types of software. HR and Payroll software is one of its best creations. This software is needed to maintain your industry properly. HR department maintains the employee part properly using HR software. On the other hand, the Payroll department manages salary part skillfully using Payroll software. These two important parts can perfectly be maintained by our HR and Payroll software.

We are going to discuss below the advantages of our software for your good realization.

1. Recruiting employees

2. Proper maintenance of the workers

3. Tracking their attendance & absence

4. Drafting reports

5. Keeping records

5. Maintaining vacation and holiday

5. Providing data to the Payroll department

5. Paying checks

5. Taxes deduction

5. The correct account of the advance payment

5. Lessening work-load

Recruiting the employees: A company recruits employees from time to time. The company generally has some rules to employ any employee. Taking experienced and skilled employees are very common. If the company takes any written or viva exam, it can keep the result of them tracked in HR software. It will help them to address the competent employees at the time of recruitment.

Proper maintenance of the workers: HR software is basically used to maintain the workers. Their arrival and departure in the workplace can be tracked properly by it. Their activities in the industry can be seen by this software and realized the condition clearly.

Tracking their attendance & absence: It is very significant to care about the attendance time of the employees. At this, they will be punctual and the company will run in a systematic way. The in charge can see the attendance list any time from our software. You will also get the estimate of overtime here. If any employee remains absence, the duty doer can easily find out it any time especially at the time of paying salary.

Drafting reports: The success of a company or business firm depends largely on proper management. Making a report is essential for this management. The reports of all sides – recruitment, working activity, punctuality, absence, tax, income, and loss can be formed minutely taking information from the document lists and records of the software.

Maintaining vacations and holidays: The workers usually enjoy holidays and vacations in every institution. There should have a correct calculation of it. Our software will help you to keep this count safely for a long time and you can see this thing when you need it.

Providing data to Payroll department: This department plays an important role in the case of the transaction. It collects necessary data from the HR sector. It can easily count about the tax, salary, deduction and advance payment of the employees from the collected data of the HR section.

Paying checks: Transaction over check is very popular all over the places. You cannot do your business or increase the periphery of your industry with an account in a bank. In this part, you have to pay the check to your employees and other companies with which you run your business. So, when, whom and how the check needs to be given can be realized searching the information from our software.

Taxes deduction: You have to pay tax on your income. This is the rule of the state. So, you have to take it doing a proper calculation while selling any products or providing any service. Besides, you have to collect tax from your employees while giving salary. The proper computation of all types of taxes will automatically and appropriately be done by our Payroll part based on your information providing the software.

The correct account of advance payment: Payroll department has to pay the salary to the employees carefully so that there does not become any mistake in the calculation. Some employees can take an advanced salary. It should be tracked instantly. At this, it will help you to get the correct account properly and rapidly at the time of paying salary.

At last, it can be said that the age is advancing and the update system in every activity is coming. We are capable of doing our vast work shortly based on the highly developed system. HR and Payroll software has also lessened our workload a lot. Using it, you can easily manage two import parts of your business. This software will vastly help you to widen your business and run it without trouble. So, it is our recommendation for you to consider the above advantages of our software for the smooth run of your business firm.