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Creating The Best Design of a Website

By Benjamin

Creating the best design of a website is very boring for the visitors. It decreases the attention and eagerness of the readers to the site slowly but surely. A good and effective solution is needed about the mistakes found on the website in the case of web design. It will be useful for the users to get their desire service especially for the owner of the site to materialize his expectation. “Software Solution Company” finds out some flaws in designing website and also the appropriate solution.

The errors detected by our company are given below along with solution:

1.Bad navigation

2.An easy invention of Search box

3.Poor readability

4.Unorganized Content Layout

5.Contradictory Interface Design

6.Unfriendly Screen Resolution

7.Complicated Registration Forms

8.Unprincipled Use of Images/Animations

9.Not Answering Users' Questions

Bad navigation: It is not anticipated in any site. Due to having poor or unintelligible routing, visitors feel uncomfortable. They do not find their way of movement easily. They cannot realize properly where they should go to get adequate information and desired service. At this, they feel boring and go out of the site. If they go quickly, bounce rate will increase.

Hyperlinks should stand out from the body of the text. Text should be brief in a proper way. There should have no room for dead links. Based on the subject matter of the website, navigation should be structured. It must be level and smooth for the trouble-free use of the readers. Alt text needs to be used for images.

An easy invention of Search box: People around the world come to the internet with a view to getting their necessary information and solution to any problem. It is known to all that the web is a store-house of information. Search box for entering into a site is like a door. It should be found easily by the visitors. Poor readability: The general purpose of a website is to spread necessary information along with the proper solution. If the writing is too tiny or font size is not intelligible, the readers feel discomfort to read anything on the site. If the font color is not attractive to the eye, the readers go out of the site. Use simple way of improvement investigating different sites those are similar to yours. Font size may be 13 to realize simply. Font color should be accepted universally.

Unorganized Content Layout: Content is called the king for the improvement of a site. It increases traffic in the desired way. But if the content is adequate or relevant, users lose their appeal to read. Even the layout setting for the content should be applicable and eye-catching. But many designers do not pay any heed in this field. Ignoring headings, sub-headings, paragraph, keywords, bullets and so on, they keep the text on the web page. This unawareness brings unexpected result. Visitors start to lessen day by day making bad comments. A receivable page title should be had with bold ray. The page needs to be kept under continuous construction. Update information should be made available. Designers must be aware of the matter and more careful about page rank.

Contradictory Interface Design: A website generated with good design always attracts the readers of all classes. But it is a matter of sorrow that if the interface design looks normal and above all the overall look inconsistent, it becomes very bothering to the users. They ultimately lose their draw from the site. A standard template for every page should perfectly be placed. There even should have proper links according to necessity. The simple keyword should be exercised so that users of all classes can easily enter into the site. Moreover, the designers have to be imaginative about the forward time and put action thinking profoundly.

Unfriendly Screen Resolution: It is a must to have a friendly resolution of the screen. A competent designer will of course design a website fittingly and acceptably. Inhospitable resolution is intolerable to the users. The layout for websites has been currently optimized for 1024 x 768 pixels.

Complicated Registration Forms: The designers should bear in mind that the users come to visit the site to gather their required information. If they find a satisfactory solution and become sure that they can meet up their requirement from your site, they will certainly turn into your clients. This is natural that today’s visitors are tomorrow’s clients. Keeping this thing in the mind, the designers should create registration forms. Basic information of the users is needed. So, the registration form must be simple. If the visitors feel hard to provide their information and cannot realize the theme of the form, they will leave the site.

Unprincipled Use of Images/Animations: Using too many images is not fair. The purpose of using images is to hold the attention of the users. On the other hand, animations are undoubtedly capable to catch the concentration of the users. Frankly speaking, the target of getting more traffic in the site by using eye-catching images and animations will be successful if they are fittingly used. But it is a matter of sorrow that the designers sometimes fail in this sector because of using too many images irrelevantly to and fro. Clients often become very impatience to see it. In this case, the designers have to keep the skip button for the convenience of the consumers. Not Answering Users' Questions: A business website is created to provide service. It must be according to the necessity of the clients. So enough information that the customers may possibly ask should be kept on the site. At this, whenever they will come, they will get their answers. Moreover, there should be a system of giving the answer at whatever time any client knock for any query. At this, they will have a satisfactory mind for this site and also make a pleasing comment in the profile that will increase popularity and traffic on the site. At last, it can be said that website should be designed with proper optimization following the above-mentioned things in mind. In order to get more information about creating the best design of a website, you are recommended to visit our site “Software Solution Company”.