Software Solution Company provides you a variety of software. One of the latest products of our company is Courier Service Product Tracking software. Our Courier Tracking is easy to use and quick enough to track your parcels or courier. By using our software, you can also gather knowledge about all the courier companies and their services. By using our software customers can track their parcels or couriers 24/7 with our live update feature. No matter what, you deliver yourself or forward your parcels via 3rd party carrier, the both party (you and your customer) will be updated. We integrated different payment gateways with our software so that, you can pay using your credit cards. If you are our client, you can check various things without being registered to your website like online rates, shipping, billing etc. Not only that, FedEx, DHL, Tint, Ups and many more major courier services are integrated with our software. We have some advanced facilities like Advanced Rating System-Billing System, Advanced Accounting etc. This is one of the best software solutions we provide to our customer. Anyone can use our software because of its user-friendly design and customer friendly dashboard. Our support team is always ready to knock the door of your company for any kind of help.


Shipment Entry:

  1. Add your shipments through Software and/or let your customers ship through custom designed web portal. Import/export ams files, 3rd party shipments, custom formatted shipments. Print DHL, FedEx labels directly from Live Courier and/or export your shipments and import to DHL EasyShip ,FedEx Ship Manager, UPS WorldShip to print labels.
  2. Live Courier Shipping / Dispatching Software includes built in web interface module. Your clients can print out shipping labels, track their packages, download invoices, pay with credit card, keep their address book, schedule pickup, order supplies, import/export data with one click from your website
  3. Shipment Tracking:

  4. With this Software your customers can track their packages 24/7 with live updates. Either you forward packages via 3rd party carrier or deliver yourself, you and your customers always be updated .


Payment Gateway Integrated:

  1. The Software is ready to use with credit card payment gateways. Your customers can pay their invoices. Individual clients can check online rates and make single shipment without registering to your website.
  2. Major Couriers Integrated:

  3. The Software already integrated with major couriers such as DHL, FedEx, Ups, Tnt. Ready to be integrated with any other 3rd party couriers.
  4. Tracking
  5. Rating
  6. Shipping
  7. Billing
  8. Import / Export


Advanced Rating System:

  1. The Software includes advanced rating module. Give discounts from published rates and/or add-up to your cost price. Generate custom rate system for specific customers, specific routes. Generate custom zone tables & apply rates or use built in Default United States zone system same as DHL, UPS, FedEx. Alternate intl routes creation system for additional countries route(s) & rate(s) included with our software.
  2. Advanced Accounting:

  3. Charge all customers with a single click, set default charges, apply addtional charges such as DAS, Brokerage, Hazardous Material etc... Define custom charge types, calculate residential fee, suspend non paying accounts automatically and send collection notices.
  4. Many more features included with CMS advance accounting module.
  5. E-Billing System:

  6. The Software supports E-billing system. Your customers can view/download their invoices and make payment with their credit card. Automatically email waybills, invoices and documents. Attach any documents to waybills or customer accounts so your customers can view, download documents from web interface.

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