Prescription Management System
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  • Features:

    We provide medication management, prescription management and e-prescribing software solutions, including:

    Order entry

    Medication reconciliation



    Medication administration

    Lab ordering and monitoring

  • Features:

    We equip your practitioners with real-time clinical decision support, providing a critical safeguard against potential adverse drug events. Utilizing our medication management software solution, meds are easily reconciled and converted across all care settings. And with e-prescribing software, prescriptions can be sent electronically to outside retail or mail-order pharmacies... eliminating handwritten scripts.

    For inpatient settings, we provide an integrated, closed-loop medication management system featuring comprehensive tools for those involved in medication delivery whether ordering, verifying, dispensing, or administering medications. Our solutions allow you to feed outcomes from medication management back into the system. With the data at your fingertips, you can easily make improvements and changes in a consumer’s course of care.

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