Accounting & Inventory Software
  • Features:

    Sales Entry:

    Sales Quotation Entry

    Sales Order Entry

    Direct Delivery

    Direct Invoice

    Delivery Against Sales Orders

    Invoice Against Sales Delivery

    Customer Payments

    Customer Credit Notes

    Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes

  • Features:

    Purchase Entry:

    Purchase Order Entry

    Outstanding Purchase Orders Maintenance

    Direct GRN

    Direct Invoice

    Payments to Suppliers

    Supplier Invoices

    Supplier Credit Notes

    Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes

  • Facility:


    Inventory Location Transfers

    Inventory Adjustments


    Work Order Entry

    Outstanding Work Orders

    Banking & General Ledger:



    Bank Account Transfers

    Journal Entry

    Budget Entry

    Reconcile Bank Account

    Revenue / Costs Accruals

  • Facility:

    Unlimited User

    Access from anywhere

    Unlimited PC access

    Individual access & user panel

    Low cost & best support

  • Sales Report:

    Sales Quotation Report

    Sales Order Report

    Customer Transaction Report

    Customer Allocation Report

    Customer and Sales Reports

    Purchase Reports:

    Purchase Orders Report

    Supplier Transaction Report

    Supplier Allocation Report

    Supplier and Purchasing Reports

    Inventory Report:

    Inventory Item Movements

    Inventory Item Status

    Inventory Reports

  • Manufacturing Reports:

    Costed Bill Of Material Report

    Inventory Item Where Used Report

    Work Order Report

    Manufacturing Reports

    Banking & General Ledger Reports:

    GL Report

    Bank Account Report

    Work Order Report

    Trial Balance

    Balance Sheet

    Profit and Loss

    Banking Reports

    General Ledger Reports